Interchange 5.0 hacks
Thursday, February 12, 2004
  Setting up credit card encryption.

1: Login as admin then go to (Admin > Preferences > Encrypt)
2: You need three (3) variables that need to be in this screen (ENCRYPTOR, PGP, AND PGP_KEY).
3: The ENCRYPTOR variable DOES NOT need a value.
4: Create the PGP variable by first clicking on ENCRYPTOR > New Entry. The value of PGP should be "/usr/local/bin/gpg --always-trust -e -a --batch -t -r" without the quotes.
(note; make sure you set "Preferences area" to "Encryption" when you create "Variable name" PGP.
5: PGP_KEY needs to be set to the email address matching your public encryption key found on the interch key ring.
(note; I wasn't able to edit PGP_KEY because of a server 500 error. I was however able to delete the variable, then recreate it using the same method described above, setting the appropriate email address during creation.
6: Run "Apply Changes".
7: Edit the following two sections in catalog.cfg to reflect these values.
## Payment-related stuff

EncryptKey __PGP_KEY__
EncryptProgram __PGP__

ParseVariables Yes
## This route emails the order to you unless email is set to "",
## and failsafe-logs the order report a couple of places
Route main <<EOF
attach 0
credit_card 1
default 1
email '__ORDERS_TO__'
encrypt_program "__PGP__"
encrypt 0
errors_to '__ORDERS_TO__'
pgp_cc_key "__PGP_KEY__"
pgp_key "__PGP_KEY__"
receipt etc/receipt.html
report etc/report
supplant 1
individual_track orders
track logs/tracking.asc

8: restart the interchange server.
Keeping track of changes I've made to Interchange shopping carts and their respective ITL scripts and hacks.

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