Interchange 5.0 hacks
Thursday, February 12, 2004
  Setting up credit card encryption.

1: Login as admin then go to (Admin > Preferences > Encrypt)
2: You need three (3) variables that need to be in this screen (ENCRYPTOR, PGP, AND PGP_KEY).
3: The ENCRYPTOR variable DOES NOT need a value.
4: Create the PGP variable by first clicking on ENCRYPTOR > New Entry. The value of PGP should be "/usr/local/bin/gpg --always-trust -e -a --batch -t -r" without the quotes.
(note; make sure you set "Preferences area" to "Encryption" when you create "Variable name" PGP.
5: PGP_KEY needs to be set to the email address matching your public encryption key found on the interch key ring.
(note; I wasn't able to edit PGP_KEY because of a server 500 error. I was however able to delete the variable, then recreate it using the same method described above, setting the appropriate email address during creation.
6: Run "Apply Changes".
7: Edit the following two sections in catalog.cfg to reflect these values.
## Payment-related stuff

EncryptKey __PGP_KEY__
EncryptProgram __PGP__

ParseVariables Yes
## This route emails the order to you unless email is set to "",
## and failsafe-logs the order report a couple of places
Route main <<EOF
attach 0
credit_card 1
default 1
email '__ORDERS_TO__'
encrypt_program "__PGP__"
encrypt 0
errors_to '__ORDERS_TO__'
pgp_cc_key "__PGP_KEY__"
pgp_key "__PGP_KEY__"
receipt etc/receipt.html
report etc/report
supplant 1
individual_track orders
track logs/tracking.asc

8: restart the interchange server.
Wednesday, February 04, 2004
  Let's start blogging! La, la ,la... 
Keeping track of changes I've made to Interchange shopping carts and their respective ITL scripts and hacks.

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